What is HEX

HEX was formerly branded as Bitcoin Hex. It is a new crypto token based on advanced game theory and created by a team around Richard Heart. HEX is an immutable smart contract running on the Ethereum blockchain. A common and frequently used banking product, the "Time Deposit" is digitized. HEX, the first savings account on the blockchain functions as an investment instrument similar to a traditional Certificate of Deposit (CD). It is marketed as "The First High Interest Blockchain Certificate Of Deposit".

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HEX is an ERC-20 token that pays holders instead of miners. The smart contract is fully automated and unchangeable. HEX is inflating at a rate of 3.69% per year. Holders of HEX are encouraged to stake their tokens and earn trustless interest.

HEX rewards long-term investment. The longer you are staking HEX token, the greater the reward - stakers get all the unclaimed HEX coins.

This website is not affiliated with the project or Richard Heart. We believe, that we can make money while claiming HEX is free for Bitcoin (BTC) holders and want to share this information with you.

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Differences Of HEX

HEX is different from other tokens. The main purpose of HEX is to increase in price. It allows users to stake their HEX tokens and get rewarded for doing so. HEX pays interest to stakers instead of miners. Staking HEX is like getting free mining hardware and electricity. The same smart contract that created your HEX tokens will pay stakers.

HEX is designed to increase its price and adoption. In the smart contract are several complex bonuses and benefits built in to achieve this. Those who acquire HEX the earliest, stake more for longer and refer others to do the same are rewarded most.

In order to ensure that longer and larger stakes pay better over time, there is a pricing mechanism built into the contract which adjusts the share price. Longer stake commits pays 20% more per year.

Why You Should Stake HEX

Staking HEX invokes a function of the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. HEX is then committed for the chosen time. The unit of time measures in days like a traditional Certificate of Deposit (CD).

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How Do You Make Money With HEX

The HEX coin will replace inefficient currencies, banks, and payment networks. A secure, verifiable peer-to-peer technology allows this. HEX takes the profit out of the banks as well as government money printing and gives it back to its holders as a reward.

HEX is the blockchain token designed to work like a Certificate of Deposit (CD). The HEX smart contract pays trustless interest with no counterparty risk.

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Stake HEX And Make The Most Out Of It

HEX was designed to be a palliative to the problem of investment growth. It follows a secure and trustless process of proper currencies. This coin gives you complete access to your keys as well as your coins.

Development of HEX ensured to become faster and have a steady increase in value. This is achieved using a smart contract. It has the capability to disrupt the large Certificate of Deposit Market (CD) in the world. This new financial product on the block chain has a virtually infinite value margin.

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Why Does HEX Start On The Ethereum Blockchain And Not On The Bitcoin Blockchain?

There are several reasons why Ethereum was chosen as the underlying framework to build HEX. The Bitcoin blockchain would have been a potentially safer choice. The Ethereum blockchain has the second best security after Bitcoin. New blockchains are too vulnerable to 51% attacks. Bitcoin does not support the required programmable features to install smart contracts.

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What Are Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are also called intelligent contracts. It is an application that works as a digital agreement and runs on a blockchain network.

The most popular is Ethereum and launched in 2015. Other contract blockchains ...
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What Is Bitcoin And What Can HEX Do Better?

Bitcoin is the first online currency. Bitcoin (BTC) was invented in 2008 by an undiscovered man or woman or team of people applying the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The source code was launched as open-source tool in January 2009. Immutable, decentralized and distributed as peer to peer.

The very first block was created with the content "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks". It is recognized as a timestamp and probably is ...
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FAQ - Most Frequently Asked Questions

An ERC20 token is a blockchain-based asset with similar functionality to Bitcoin. It can hold value and can be sent and received. The major difference between ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies is that ERC20 tokens are created and hosted on the Ethereum block chain. ERC20 tokens are stored and sent using Ethereum addresses. Gas is used to cover transaction fees.
They are safe enough that several Billion Dollar projects have been launched without any problem. The HEX ERC-20 contract has been audited by two security professional companies.
It is a record of the state of a blockchain at a single moment. They are usually named at a "Block height" which means a specific position in time on a blockchain. The block number is the block height. HEX uses a snapshot to record who has an active BTC adress and should be able to claim HEX.
BTC Snapshot is completed. Free BTC Claim goes live soon!
You can claim 10,000 HEX per BTC. Plus speed bonus of 20% if you claim in the first week. Plus many other bonuses which are only paid to stakers. You should probably stake, it can multiply your stake.
HEX has a referral program. Referred users get a 10% bonus minted and their referrer gets a 20% bonus minted. The referrer bonus is paid by the HEX Smart Contract, NOT by the claiming member!
Use our referral link to get 10% more HEX
Yes, you can. Any Bitcoin adress which has a balance at the snapshot block is eligible to claim HEX FOR FREE. Anonymously!
No. Only BTC addresses with a positive balance on the snapshot day can claim. Bitcoins you buy after the snapshot won't be able to claim.
50 weeks from the snapshot date. If you don't claim early you lose 2% of your stack every 7 days. You will have almost nothing left on week 49.
From any BTC address where you have the private key and a balance on the snapshot date. Supported addresses start with 1 (BC1 address) or 3 (segwit address)
No. Once the snapshot has occurred, there's no longer any relationship to Bitcoin at all.
Absolutely! There is no SignUp process. HEX is trustless. If you use a proxy and claim each BTC address to a new ETH address, you're as anonymous as you started.
When you end your stake. Interest is paid together with the bonuses.
This is very personal, you have to decide for yourself. If you want to accumulate the most HEX, it's probably best to stake for as long as you're comfortable. You get the most bonus shares from the LongerPaysBetter bonus. This is 20% prorated per extra year staked.
No. The Stakers pool gets interest paid. You get paid shares of the stakers pool. This means that if only 1% of HEX are staked, the average payout to stakers is 369%. If 2% of coins are staked, then 184.5% is the average payout. If 3% then 123%. It largely depends how many coins are staked in total.
Run the end stake function or good accounting function. You'll need to pay a gas fee in ETH (currently pennies) to get this function executed. Then submit your transaction to the Ethereum blockchain with Metamask.
1 day is the minimum stake and 15 years (5555 days) is the maximum.
The HEX Big Pay Day, in short BPD, is the last day of the HEX 50 week launch phase. The Adoption Amplifier ends at that day and BPD staking bonuses will be calculated.

A giant profit is expected to be shared amongst HEX stakers. Stakers get rewarded according the amount of shares they hold. To qualify, your stakes can't end before that day.

Your share of the BigPayDay is variable. It goes up as other people close their stakes. It goes down, as other stakers open new stakes after the day you staked.

It is complex to calculate. It depends how many free BTC is claimed until BPD and the amount of early unstake penalties. Your BigPayDay bonus is part of your staking benefits. It will be automatically paid out at the end of your staking period together with your principal and your earned interest. You don't need to do anything special. DON'T unstake early - you would face heavy penalties should you press the red "End Stake" button. It is red for a good reason!

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