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We are crypto enthusiasts and believe that we can make money with HEX. Claiming is free for Bitcoin (BTC) holders and we want to share how you claim and stake HEX for FREE. No registration, emailadress or KYC (Know Your Customer) information is required to claim free hex. You can stay anonymous!

Shouldn`t you hold Bitcoins, you can buy HEX with Ethereum (ETH). They will be transferred as ERC-20 token to your ETH adress.

We’ll do our best to describe the technicals behind HEX. This new crypto project is different, interesting and sometimes complicated to see the complete structure. There is a lot to cover - keep on reading!

Detailed information about HEX and a FAQ section is available at the official HEX website.

What Is The Purpose Of HEX?

Besides regular transaction functions (send and receive), the only purpose of HEX is to increase in value over time. Token holders are encouraged to stake their coins. While hex coin staking, the tokens are locked into the smart contract and earn interest.

The minimum staking period is 1 day, the maximum is around 15 years, 5555 days to be exact. Staking longer earns more interest. Unstaking early incurs heavy penalties. Once the staking period is over, the principal investment can be withdrawn from the smart contract together with the earned interest. Coins are then freely available to send, sell on exchanges or to stake again and earn interest.

In the past he called himself a Bitcoin maximalist. Meanwhile, he changed his opinion about BTC to more criticism. Very recently, he appeared on several YouTube channels with well known people in the cryptospace in controversial discussions about HEX.

Who Is The Founder Of HEX?

richard heart

Richard Heart is a Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency and internet affiliate marketing expert. He has founded and managed several successful internet startups. The largest having 150 employees with a turnover of $60 million and is operating in mortgage and consumer finance markets. He appeared on many international broadcasts, speaking about Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency issues.

Most of the wealth in the world is made by those that get in first!

HEX staking is the future of finance - Stake HEX early, long and large, and watch it multiply!

Does your wallet support human readable addresses? Test it by tipping some HEX or ETH to:
hex-staking.eth instead of the long address: 0xC8CB91C3d41C80237c7901b815107d87080943bD
Thank you, regardless of size, it would be much appreciated.