HEX is different from other tokens in the sense that it pays holders instead of miners. This token was developed to solve the issues Bitcoin faced.

The BTC Snapshot was completed on December 2. Free Claim for BTC holders is now life! Go to HEX Claim Tool.

The HEX coin will replace inefficient currencies, banks, and payment networks. A secure, verifiable peer-to-peer technology allows this. HEX takes the profit out of the banks as well as government money printing and gives it back to its holders as a reward.

HEX is the blockchain token to work like a Certificate of Deposit (CD). The HEX platform pays trustless interest with no counterparty risk.

Holders of HEX are encouraged to stake their coins. There is a bigger chance for every holder to make more money that another token will give them.

As automated ERC20 token HEX lives in the form of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Interest rates are calculated as a function of the percentage of total tokens staked. HEX has a base interest rate of 3.69 percent per year. This encourages holders to focus on long term investment on the platform.

Everyone is looking to maximize the potential that cryptocurrency has. Yet, not everyone can find the right platform that gives them that opportunity.

Different Ways To Generate Passive Income With HEX

  • Use your ETH (Ethereum) to get HEX. This is more rewarding and recommended by Richard Heart. You acquire HEX via the Adoption Amplifier (Ethereum Transform Lobby).
  • If you hold Bitcoin on the snapshot date, claim it FOR FREE. For one BTC you receive 10.000 HEX. Then you could sell Bitcoin (BTC) for Ethereum (ETH) and send it to the Adoption Amplifier (AA). This is how you get the most possible amount of HEX.
  • Opt for ten years on your 90 percent Autostake with the HEX in your wallet. You’ll be getting triple shares at the lowest price per share possible.
  • The Adoption Amplifier (AA) lobby closes every day again. Then you leave the AA lobby with your HEX and stake it for ten years.
  • The BigPayDay hits on day 353 after first stake. You’ll get the largest share of it if you are staking early, long and large.

Several Ways How HEX Holders Can Maximize Their Profits

  • Get a great bargain on HEX early on from the Adoption Amplifier (AA), or FreeClaim. No registration is required to claim.
  • Get the most shares for the HEX you've staked. This can be achieved by staking early. This is because the StakeSharePrice is designed to only go up.
  • When you stake longer, it increases shares up to 3x (that is, three folds increased shares).
  • Staking bigger increases shares up to 1.1x.
  • Refer people and you earn a 20% profit. Based on the amount of each person’s HEX they receive from either Adoption Amplifier (AA) or FreeClaim. The referrer bonus is paid by the HEX Smart Contract, NOT by the claiming member!
  • Another way to maximize your profit and make money is to get people to FreeClaim. It is driving up virality, adoption and the Critical Mass bonuses.
  • Get people to stake, thus removing HEX from circulation.
  • Finally, get people to buy HEX.

To Wrap It Up

Imagine a bucket with one billion HEX in it (which day 1 has). Also, imagine an empty bucket where users put ETH into.
At the end of the day, your percentage of the ETH bucket gets the same percentage of the HEX bucket. Every day, the buckets empty and this begins all over again for 351 days. That is how Adoption Amplifier, also called Ethereum Transform Lobby, works.

For Bitcoin (BTC) holders: Go to HEX Claim Tool

For Ethereum (ETH) holders: Go to Adoption Amplifier (Ethereum Transform Lobby)

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