How To Install Metamask Extension

In order to interact with the HEX contract you need to install the Metamask extension. Metamask is a browser add-on. You can install it for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave browsers. Beta versions of IOS and Android are also available.

Below are 4 steps for quick install.

  • Go to the Metamask website at
  • Click on your browser to install Metamask. We use Chrome as an example. “Get Chrome Extension”
  • Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right
  • Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation

Metamask has been installed when you see the fox logo on the upper right corner of your browser.


How to Use Metamask

Your first task on Metamask is: create metamask wallet or vault as Metamask calls it. This will be an Ethereum (ETH) wallet where you store your HEX as ERC-20 token. To do this, follow the instructions below. We use again Chrome as reference, act accordingly on your browser.

  • Click on the Metamask logo (fox) in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser
  • Read and agree to all terms and conditions
  • Enter a secure, memorable password (caps, numbers, special characters), click “Create” to get your new wallet
  • Next you will see a set of 12 “seed words” for your wallet. Click “Save Seed Words as File” and copy the “seed words” file that is downloaded to a safe place. You will need it to access your wallet
  • Click at “I’ve copied It Somewhere Safe” once your seed word file has been secured. You’ll be taken into your new Metamask wallet

You are now ready to work with the Ethereum blockchain!

Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets can both be used with Metamask for HEX and ETH.

Instructions how to connect your Ledger or Trezor to Metamask

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