HEX was designed to be a palliative to the problem of investment growth. It follows a secure and trustless process of proper currencies. This coin gives you complete access to your keys as well as your coins.

Development of HEX ensured to become faster and have a steady increase in value. This is achieved using a smart contract. It has the capability to disrupt the large Certificate of Deposit Market (CD) in the world. This new financial product on the block chain has a virtually infinite value margin.

Stake HEX and you end the need for middlemen in your financial transactions. As Bitcoin (BTC) owner, you can get  FREE HEX if you had an address with a balance before December 2. Anonymously, no KYC. No registration is required to claim! No Bitcoin - no problem! HEX enables users to transform Ethereum (ETH) into HEX via the so called Ethereum Transform Lobby.

The HEX system also ensures that early claimers get bonuses, and late claimers are fined. Additionally, longer and larger stakes get more shares. Less HEX is available on the market. This is why the price per share goes up. HEX also helps to align incentives. This makes it possible for everyone to do better. It depends on how many individuals take part.

How HEX Staking Works

To stake HEX you interact with the smart contract on the blockchain. You can stake some or all your HEX to the smart contract. You get to determine how long you’ll like to stake your tokens. The longer you stake, the more interest you receive. This bonus is called "Longer pays better".

While your HEX is locked in the smart contract, it earns a share of the 3.69 percent base inflation rate. Proportional to the size of your stake and its staking length. That means the longer you stake, the greater your rewards.

At the end of the staking period you send a signed transaction to the smart contract. This returns your HEX together with the extra HEX (interest) you earned from staking.

You can end your stake earlier than planned. This is called Emergency Unstake. In that case you have to pay a significant penalty. Those penalty HEX adds to the pool payouts for the people who keep their coins staked. This is additionally to the HEX base interest rate of 3.69 percent.

If you end your stake later than your scheduled end date, your stake suffers a 1 percent penalty every late week. The grace period is 2 weeks of the end date. That penalty is also distributed to the pool of remaining stakes.

The payouts from the staking pool are minimum 3.69 percent. Early or late stake penalties are extra.

Staked HEX cannot be transferred or traded. Those coins stay locked into the contract until the end of staking. That means the drawback of staking is that you’re not given a choice to transact with your HEX.

That also means the more HEX is staked, the earnings of the stakers will be a greater percentage. Depending on how long a user has staked compared to other stakers, their stake might grow at the rate of 7.38 percent.

HEX’s Price Positive Game Theory (PPGT)

Every feature in HEX is designed to increase its price and adoption. It is a positive feedback loop. HEX rewards the holders who get HEX the earliest, stake more for the longer, and refers others to do likewise.

The traceable supply will be fluctuating. It depends on where the traders see a greater advantage. This traceable supply is the HEX that is not staked at a particular point.

The traded price of HEX will increase when the supply is lower. This is incentivizing fewer stakes. When the number of stakes is lower, there will be an increase in supply and lowering the price. This will increase the growth of the staked HEX since the stakers will be getting a greater part of the pool.

Why Does This Offer Sound Amazing?

Staking Bonuses:

stakers gets to have all unclaimed HEX.
Late Claims:
each week a Bitcoin staker doesn’t claim, he loses 20 percent of it to stakers who claimed.
Silly Whale Penalty:
BTC addresses holding more than 1000 Bitcoin are penalized. Between 50 to 75 percent of their HEX goes to the stakers with smaller balances.
The 137,891 Mt. Gox Bitcoin cannot be claimed.

HEX Staking Benefits:

Stakes Share Price
This benefit only increases. This is determined by the largest Return On Investment (ROI) any stake ever ended at.
If 1 percent of HEX supply is staked, it attracts an average interest of 369 percent. Two percent will attract 184 %. Five percent and 10 percent will attract 36.9 percent.
The lesser the number of stakers, the higher the interest. An increase in the number of stakers will translate into a less circulating supply.
Trustless Interest
HEX has a base interest rate of 3.69 percent. Based of the total HEX which is minted per year and paid to stakers. Payout is daily.
Longer Pays Better
The longer you stake, the more you earn. This gives you up to 3x shares on a 3641-day stake.
Ending a stake to reinvest its profit never pays more HEX than having a longer stake.
Bigger Pays Better
An estimated 10 percent bonus shares at 150M HEX is staked.
Referred users get a 10% bonus minted and their referrer gets a 20% bonus minted. The referrer bonus is paid by the HEX Smart Contract, NOT by the claiming member!
Click "Claim HEX" and we both benefit!
Speed Bonus
Claim on day 1 and receive 20% bonus. Bonus reduces daily until reaching zero percent at day 351. This is the final day of claiming.

Wrapping It Up

If you are holding Bitcoin (BTC), you are entitled to claim HEX FOR FREE! For one BTC you receive 10.000 HEX.
All you need to do is go to the HEX claim site. Then open your BTC wallet and sign the statement given by the "claim tool". Your HEX will be mined to your ETH adress as ERC-20 token.

Remember: Most of the wealth in the world is made by those that get in first!

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