Bitcoin is the first online currency. Bitcoin (BTC) was invented in 2008 by an undiscovered man or woman or team of people applying the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The source code was launched as open-source tool in January 2009. Immutable, decentralized and distributed as peer to peer. The very first block was created with the content "The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks". It is recognized as a timestamp and probably is the opinion on the instability induced by fractional-reserve banking.
You can read the Bitcoin white paper at this website

Bitcoin white paper

Bitcoin started without any market price. It needed 10 years to achieve a market cap of USD 175 billion. The price of Bitcoin is really volatile. However, Forbes called Bitcoin the very best financial investment of 2013. In 2014, Bloomberg called Bitcoin one of its worst investments of the year.

The basic functions of Bitcoin are literally: to mine the coins, receive and send. Each 10 minutes a new block is mined with the recent transactions. The volatility in price, payment approval time and comparatively expensive transaction costs makes using BTC pretty difficult for retail payments. Thus, Bitcoin is more often utilized as a speculative investment rather as a currency or a store of value. This is the reason why Bitcoin is many times titled also "Digital Gold".

Bitcoin itself will never pay interest. There are possibilities to earn relatively low interest by providing your secret keys and placing confidence in third parties and middlemen. This is contrary what Satoshi said and Bitcoin was designed to resolve.

Remember: Not your keys, not your coins!

Richard Heart realised this and built HEX. He was truly several years supporting BTC as Bitcoin maximalist. His target was to put together the best of both worlds: the most popular and best selling product of conventional banking with the strengths of crypto. The CD, Certificate of Deposit (typically called a savings account) is one of the most preferred banking products. Smart contracts, build on the Ethereum blockhain is permanent code, entirely decentralized without middlemen interference.
HEX is the first Savings Account on the blockchain.

Benefits of HEX:

  • Store of Value: the only objective is to stake HEX and get interest paid
  • Permanent code as completed smart contract
  • Censorship Immune: runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain
  • Permissionless: you connect and make your own token during the start phase. Later you can easily buy and sell on exchanges as you see fit
  • Open Source Code: read it on Etherscan
  • Increase in market value: The more HEX is locked (staked), the less token can be sold
  • Trustless: no middle men or 3rd parties involved

HEX contrasts today's banking system: Not one person can manipulate, censor, limit, or take down your HEX coins. HEX intends to replace weak currencies, financial institutions and payment organizations. It takes advantage of the blockchain as verifiable protected peer-to-peer innovation.

HEX has a yearly permanent inflation of 3,69%. HEX takes the profit out of banks and federal government cash printing and delivers it to individuals who are holding the coin. This is named HEX staking. People wish to stake (lock) HEX for a period of time to get a portion of the newly minted HEX token as trustless interest. The minimum is 1 day and the maximum 15 Years, 5555 days to be precise.

HEX is paying bonuses for staking and also deducting fines (e.g. late BTC claim). This isn't very easy to understand at an initial look. For detailed benefits and penalties explanations, go to

HEX is a crypto for the long run:
The LONGER you lock up your HEX token (staking) the HIGHER are your EARNINGS. This is named: Longer pays Better. Staking more coins pays a bonus as much as 10%, named Bigger pays Better.

Expansion of 3,69% a year doesn't seem to be a lot of interest. It depends on how many token are staked, free claimed Bitcoin and bonuses. Compounding the integrated bonuses along with staking longer and creating larger stakes is adding up. HEX is made that those who stake the longest, benefit the most. Penalty coins (e.g. if another person quits their staking commit earlier) are divided amongst all remaining HEX stakers. All together you will recognize, that you might well end up with a 10 to 30% interest annually!

This is an amount never seen before on the banking sector!

hex big pay day bonus

HEX has a launch period of fifty weeks. On December 1, 2019 a so-called snapshot of all BTC addresses was taken and recorded. This determines if you can collect HEX for Free. You are entitled to get HEX for FREE during this startup phase, if you had access to your secret keys (BTC not on an exchange) and no "multisig wallet". At the beginning of the launch it was ~ 10,000 HEX per BTC. Presently it is about 5,000 HEX and it reduces to zero till the end of the 50 week start phase.

At this day, the "Adoption Amplifier" stops too. At the "Adoption Amplifier" you may transform ETH into HEX in case you can't claim with BTC. A countdown timer and further details is easily available at Find out more!

Thanks for reading till the end. I want to award your time and effort. Should you claim with BTC or exchange ETH, I will provide you a 10% xtra HEX bonus.
Happy staking!

Does your wallet support human readable addresses? Test it with a transaction in HEX or ETH instead of above long address to: hex-staking.eth