In this article I tell you what the HEX BigPayDay, or BPD is. The HEX launch period ends on that day and HEX stakers can expect enormous earnings to be distributed. Richard Heart did an interview, see below. It is about Bitcoin claims and Big Pay Day. After reading, you know the details about Big PayDay and can make your own knowledgeable money decisions.

HEX BigPayDay or BPD, what is it?

The Big PayDay, also called BPD, is on day 353 after the HEX smart contract launched in December 2019. This day is the last day of the 50 week launch period. At the main page you'll see the HEX BigPayDay timer. The Adoption Amplifier/Ethereum Transfer Lobby ends on that day also and the Big Pay Day staking bonus is calculated.

Your Big Pay Day bonus is a part of your staking interest. At the end of your staking period it will be automatically paid with the collected interest and your capital. Nothing has to be done. Substantial penalties would be subtracted in case you press the red "End Stake" button - do not end your stake early! For a very good reason it is red!

Your share of the Big PayDay is variable and can only be computed on that day. Your bonus goes up as other people end their stakes. As other people start stakes after you staked your token, it goes down.

HEX Big PayDay bonus shares are challenging to calculate. It depends how many BTC is claimed until BigPayDay, the number of early unstake penalties and the duration of your staking period. It can 5x your stake. If you fill out your desired staking time at the Adoption Amplifier website, you see a forecast, based on applicable numbers until that day. Vary the stake duration and it changes accordingly.

While HEX staking, it is expected that collosale earnings will be rewarded. Stakers get rewarded based on the amount of shares they hold. All coins which aren't claimed, are distributed to stakers. To qualify for the BigPayDay event, your staked HEX coins can't be unstaked prior that important day to qualify for this event!

The unclaimed amount of Bitcoin (BTC) is calculated every day. The proportionate HEX of the unclaimed Bitcoin is distributed to HEX stakers. The daily unclaimed HEX pool is downsized as more people claim with BTC. Only 2.36% of all Bitcoin addresses have claimed HEX FOR FREE until today.

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